As a boutique firm, Olesh leverages the personal experience and strengths of its partners to provide companies (primarily business-to-business) with focused business and economic consulting services. The team leverages its international network to mediate and manage complex projects, including cross-border business collaborations. Olesh has extensive experience in private sector development, working through international financial intermediaries.

Economic and business consultancy:

Feasibility studies

Business models  development and

Financial consulting

Marketing Consulting

Business management and transformation consultancy

Risk management

Crisis management

Globalization strategies

Business development for Israeli
companies expanding into international markets

Novel mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

Corporate restructuring and reorganization.

BOD and chairmanship services

Olesh team members are actively involved in the executive strategic management of several companies, serving as directors on various boards and as chairmen of companies.
Team members consult and oversee partnerships with the CEO and
senior management team on business development and corporate strategy,
focusing on long-term processes and vision.