Olesh is a leading business and economic consulting firm with a lengthy track record in driving success for varied business ventures in Israel and around the world.

Founded in the 1990s as part of BSB (Ben Shahar - Bachrach) consulting firm headed by Prof. Haim Ben Shahar, Olesh is led by a highly experienced core team of dedicated professionals who are actively involved in leading every consulting venture. Olesh maintains a local network of experts in diverse fields who join the Olesh team on an ad-hoc basis.

Partnership is the underlying theme of all of Olesh’s work. The team relates to clients as true business partners, building enduring personal and professional relationships that last long beyond the completion of a project or process.


 Traditional Indusety

The Olesh team has many years of experience in the traditional industry sector, including rubber and plastics and more.

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Olesh is active in the evolving field of precision agriculture, working primarily with early-stage companies.

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 Family-owned businesses

Olesh has proven expertise in providing family-owned companies with specialized business.

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Economic and business consultancy:

Feasibility studies

Business models  development and

Financial consulting

Marketing Consulting

Business management and transformation consultancy

Risk management

Crisis management

Globalization strategies

Business development for Israeli
companies expanding into international markets

Novel mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

Corporate restructuring and reorganization.

BOD and chairmanship services

Olesh team members are actively involved in the executive strategic management of several companies, serving as directors on various boards and as chairmen of companies.
Team members consult and oversee partnerships with the CEO and
senior management team on business development and corporate strategy,
focusing on long-term processes and vision.

Our Team

Benny Bachrach

Managing Partner

Established Olesh at the end of the 90's, Benny is an expert in strategic planning, M&A transactions and industrial board of directors' management.


Keren Boaron


Keren Boaron joined Olesh in July 2008 as a senior economist with a background in marketing and business development.



Reut Rabin

Office Manager

Reut joined the Olesh team at the beginning of 2016 as Office Manager. Previously, she served in several educational...