Olesh and its members, some of them graduates of studies in Natural Resources & Environmental Management, in collaboration with others, have devoted great amounts of time and effort to accompanying individuals and communities in their adaptation to the important trend of tending to the environment.

Emerging Market Communities

Our office has been involved in establishing new socio-economic frameworks for the emerging communities of the Former Soviet Union (FSU) and Eastern Europe. This includes: privatizations, public-private partnerships and the revamping of various health care systems, and more. These tasks were carried out under the sponsorship of international organizations such as UNDP, World Bank, among others.


Olesh, in collaboration with others at "Planet Finance" is involved  in the introduction of microfinance instruments to various communities in Israel. The organization intends to promote an ongoing microfinance alternative through various Israeli financial intermediaries.
Philanthropic Missions

Olesh has assisted in the philanthropic efforts of several distinct benefactors. Among them; the introduction of advance agri-methods in Ghana and Tanzania, the protection of natural resources in Israel and, the provision of specific healthcare to deprived communities in Southern Ethiopia.
Atid Varod

Olesh, through Benny Bachrach, is involved in pioneering a billboard advertising company operated by teenagers outside of the formal school system (age 16-18).  The advertising company is based in Raanana, Israel. The initiative named "Atid Varod" (bright future) is a nonprofit organization and has been voluntarily chaired by Benny since the year 2000.


"Atid Varod" has proven a profitable business from the very start. When it was established, it was the first "young entrepreneurs" association in Israel. Later, some 50 similar initiatives were founded throughout the country