Established Olesh at the end of the 90’s, Benny is an expert in strategic planning, M&A transactions and industrial board of directors’ management. From the late 70’s until 1989 he was serving in high managerial positions in Koor- Israel’s leading industrial concern in those years. In 1989 Benny joined Prof. Haim Ben Shahar- former President of Tel Aviv University- in a business consulting office (BSB). He was in charge of numerous consulting missions of the World Bank and the International Finance Corp. (IFC) focusing on private sector development in the former Soviet Union (FSU), Eastern Europe and other emerging economies.
Benny was involved in restructuring the management organizations of many kibbutz’s companies and has been serving as Chairman and Board member in many kibbutz industrial entities and other industrial enterprises in Israel. Since 1999 he has been operating through Olesh Business and economic consulting firm in Yakum Israel. Through Olesh he led strategic business consulting for traditional industry, agri- industry and other economic entities.
Benny Bachrach holds both a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the Hebrew University and an MBA in Finance and International Business from the University of Chicago.
Benny Bachrach​
Benny Bachrach​

Olesh Business and Economic consulting